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Portraits of dogs and pets - Professional photo shootings

Portraits of dogs and pets

Portraits of dogs and pets

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I always wanted to take photographs of my English Bulldogs that portrayed their personality as well as aesthetic beauty. It was a difficult challenge, but thanks to my experience in portrait photography I managed to win it.
One of my peculiar characteristics is being able to “read” people and their emotions by telling them in a photograph.
I decided to use this experience to make photographic portraits of dogs and pets.

Where and how?

I prefer to make photographic portraits of dogs in an engaging natural or urban environment. The choice depends on many factors and on the personality of your four-legged friend.
Before deciding how and where to make the shooting, I love to meet you and make contact with our subject, in order to make me somehow familiar.
One of the keys to the success of this type of photography is the tranquility with which the dog approaches the experience. Everything must take place in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

The photo sessions start from a minimum of 30 minutes in a single location up to several hours, depending on the package chosen.
In any package there is always a photograph of you and your pet together.
This photograph in particular is very important to me. I believe with all my heart that a photograph is a treasure chest of memories.
As Silvana Stremiz also says: “Photographs are our memory over time, when our memories begin to get lost in the passing time.”
A photograph of yours with your friend is something that will remain with you forever and I’m sure it will become invaluable over time.


A photographic portrait is a perfect gift for any occasion.
From the arrival of a puppy in your house to the birthday of your four-legged friend up to an original thought for a friend or family member.
The packages start at very affordable prices and are perfect for any need.
For any information, for the list of options and related prices or to schedule a meeting, you can write me using the contact form accessible from the top menu or using the button below 😉

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